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Geek Girls Carrots together with partners prepared

the first comprehensive analysis of the women in IT sector in Poland.


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Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on attracting women to tech. We create community by organising meetups, workshops, and other events which gather people to share their knowledge and experience.

We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, project managers, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more.

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Report Women in the IT
May 21, 2018
Report Women in the IT
What does women’s work in IT look like today? Who are the women who have decided to take this career path? What motivated their choice? What are their expectations towards employers? How do they find their way in teams that are often composed of more than 86% of men? How do they talk about themselves, and finally, how are they perceived by the media?
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Do you like jigsaws? Consider SQL Career
September 10, 2018
Do you like jigsaws? Consider SQL Career
We use database-based applications on the daily basis: buying train tickets, shopping or even making phone calls. Those apps are present in almost all the branches of business, medicine or services. What does it mean to work with databases? Who is eligible to work in this IT field?
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Private: HubHub and Geek Girls Carrots join forces!
September 14, 2018
Private: HubHub and Geek Girls Carrots join forces!
What happens when an international network of coworking spaces and one of the largest organizations in Europe that promote women in the IT environment join their forces? You will find out very soon!
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