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Geek Girls Carrots,
4 weeks ago
Tricity Organizer
Geek Girls Carrots,

We're looking for an organizer in Tricity!

Join the Geek Girls Carrots Tricity community. We are part of an international organization that primarily inspires women to grow in the areas of IT and new technologies. We organize lectures, meetings, workshops. Our events are an excellent opportunity to meet experts sharing their knowledge, stories and experience, helping to take the first tech-y step towards a new career. GGC is an egalitarian initiative – we invite everybody, regardless of education background, gender and professional experience.

If you by any chance possess skills useful in organizing events, you like carrots, you want to meet technology enthusiasts and participate in the development of the Tricity IT scene, join us at Geek Girls Carrots.


You鈥檒l play an important role as community advocate and you will be involved in multiple projects.


馃 聽About You: 聽

  • Empower meetups – you will build relationships inside and outside community to develop the best experience. You鈥檒l help us get better at leading workshops through educational workshops, resources, campaigns, and mentorship sessions.
  • You will grow our community. Our mission as a company is to empower women in IT and we want to empower as many as possible. You鈥檒l contribute to that mission by bringing initiative and impact into the fold.
  • You will find new ways for Geek Girls Carrots to empower women in IT. We are always on the lookout for new ways that we can bring value to the community who participate in our meetups, workshops, panels and the conferences.
  • You are self-motivated. You are confident and never shy away from a challenge. You work well with teams and direction, but know how to adapt and figure out how to solve problems on your own as well.
  • You are an observant. You never miss a beat on anything that goes on around you. You have always had a knack for reading people and understanding the context of situations.


馃 聽Qualification Requirements:

  • Ability to multi-task, comfortably switch gears, and prioritize workload.
  • Strong relationship-building skills, as well as the ability to work effectively as part of a team and with personnel at all levels of the organization and external stakeholders
  • Sound problem resolution and organizational skills.


馃 聽Responsibilities:

  • Organize meetups, workshops/hackathons, and other Geek Girls Carrots community events.
  • Manage all social media and other communication channels for community engagement (e.g. Slack, Gitter, Twitter, Github)
  • Collaborate with Geek Girls Carrots co-organizers to help drive strategic projects.
  • Analyze the efficacy of community and outreach initiatives by developing a quantitative framework to measure engagement.
  • Develop partnerships and other strategic relationships with key projects, companies, universities, and thought leaders in the industry that are complementary to our ecosystem and initiatives.

Submit your application: a few sentences explaining why you want to join us to rekrutacja@gocarrots.org Deadline: 23th of October 2018.

To apply contact: