May 16, 2018

Practice, support and education for Carrots

Magdalena Cymerys by Magdalena

Geek Girls Carrots has just started a new initiative aiming at strengthening tech skills among young female tech-professionals. On Tuesday the 15th of May our mentoring program has been inaugurated by Ilona Skarbowska at Allegro Chair in Warsaw. Mentees and Mentors had a possibility to meet and break the ice.

Girls will have an opportunity to cooperate with an qualified expert during 6 months; from the 15th of May to the 15th of November 2018. Our participants build a relationship of mutual trust, confidentiality and respect.

How it works?

Our mentoring program is a structured partnership between Mentor and Mentee. We selected 6 girls and experienced mentors who will follow the fascinating path of mentoring. Our program consists in regular meetings, during which the Mentor supports and develops Mentee’s competences.

What for?

The program will support the implementation of individual development goals of each Mentee. Main aim of the program is to find one’s professional path. However, girls will improve their not only professional qualifications, but also soft skills. We will encourage Mentees to discover the strength of their own potential and develop talents. They will confront and analyze their own ideas considering the development of their career path. Moreover, the program will help building a valuable network of contacts. For our Mentors it will be a unique possibility to make a substantive contribution to the development of competence of members of the Carrots Foundation.


Our Mentors have diverse profiles from big companies like Allegro and innovative start-ups like Batmaid. They are developers, managers, designers, database specialists… The first edition is targeted on GGC community. The aim of the program is to use the potential in all participants, regardless their experience or background. Girls represent diverse profiles; front-end developer, CEO of a startup, AI software engineer… Mentees want to learn by practice, improve time and team management, project management and much more!

We can’t wait to implement this project!

Contact us if you are interested in participation in our future mentoring programs!

Stay tuned 🙂

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