June 8, 2018

Ashoka’s empowerment program WzmocniONE

Magdalena Cymerys by Magdalena

Carrots Foundation empowered by Ashoka envisages a special event: socially responsible hackathon, defined as design and programming marathon for Geek Girls Carrots community. Participants will be encouraged to find innovative solutions to the most challenging demands in fast-pace changing modern world. Project Hacking Carrots will show that women co-create the avant-garde of technological innovation equally with men.


Carrots and Ashoka’s members share similar values of dignity and equality: we believe that every woman has a potential to believe in herself and break through stereotypes around her sexe. Our ambition is to mutually encourage citizens to get out of their comfort zones and traditional roles. We believe that proactive participation of women in public, social sphere and business life is essential for creating solutions that respond to the challenges of modern times.

Strengthening the position of women is also one of the development goals set by the United Nations. According to the UN Development Program (UNDP), ensuring equal access to education, health care and decent work for women and girls and participation in the decision-making process in political and economic matters will strengthen sustainable economies and benefit societies and, ultimately, all the mankind.


Geek Girls Carrots are preparing an innovative and socially responsible program for you! If you care about the future of our planet and general wellbeing, you should apply for our hackathon. The Carrots Foundation has already started preparations for this special event. We envisage 12 different challenges and the participation of over 200 ambitious programmers and designers who will try to find answers for the biggest challenges of the modern world. 


Carrot’s ambition is to create a global platform that allows us to speak with a strong feminine voice. We are passionate about artificial intelligence, automation and cyber security. We know that blockchain and fintech are changing almost every aspect our our life, including health and education. Our goal is to promote values around creation of the world wide web: connecting people, innovation and openness. We are convinced that those skills are the driving force of successful projects.

Learn more: http://ashoka-cee.org/wzmocnione/

Be part of the change, build the future with us and stay tuned!

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