September 25, 2018

Be a hero! Code for autism

Paulina Ołtusek by Paulina

Autumn has come, the leaves are starting to fall and the moment for you to help people with autism has come. Let’s put heads together and solve some challenges to help JiM foundation in their mission to create a better world for people with autism. Join us for the Code 4 Life 2018 Hackathon in Warsaw!

This year we focus on creating solutions for people struggling with autism. In order to do so, we’ve partnered with JiM foundation which helps people with autism by diagnosing kids, running JiM schools, providing therapy and more. The participants will work on one out of two challenges.

The first challenge consists of implementing a parent-report screening tool. The setup of such a tool could help parents to get a prior opinion on whether they should consult a specialist, whom often are far away, to determine if their child has autism.

The second challenge focuses on improving the donation system for the charity. The goal will be to facilitate donations to JiM’s. The gifts that the foundation receives helps them to aid people with autism.

The hackathon will start on Saturday, October 6th, at 9:00 and will last until Sunday, October 7th, 17:00. You’ll be able to network, eat and drink while hacking together solutions for our challenges listed above.

Apply by yourself or with a team of friends, colleagues, … and get advice from our mentors who’ll be more than willing to help you through your roadblocks.

Finally, we offer prizes to our best contestants.

Sunday, September 30th, will be the last day of registration

For more details, we’d like to forward you to the webpage.

Join us and help us to turn this day into an unforgettable event!

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