June 20, 2018

Coders Lab empowers women

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Coders Lab is Geek Girls Carrots partner. When Magda Gajewska started working in the company at the beginning of 2016, it had 10 employees, now the number grown up to 70 in-house employees and 200 part-time lecturers. She is working on marketing and educational campaigns. On one hand, Coders Lab offers intensive courses, on the other, they emphasize the importance of programming skills in the modern world. Magda told us about her mission at work and pro-female initiatives at Coders Lab.

Action: education

Coders Lab enables fast and effective way to gain practical knowledge in new technologies. The first IT school in Poland focuses on transferring practical skills which are first and foremost desired by employers in IT. The Coders Lab offer includes courses from scratch like Tester, JavaScript, JAVA, PHP, WordPress, C# /.NET, Python. My interlocutor took a Digital UX course for beginners.

“Coders Lab is an alternative and efficient way to start coding. Participants learn web and app development guided by the best experts and focusing mainly on practice. With us, they can easily start an IT career.” – Magdalena says.

Students are aged from 17 to 54 years old. All participants have one thing in common: eagerness to change their lives and careers and being up to date with enhancements of everyday life.

Code Girl!

Percentage of female participants in courses is 30%. During front-end workshops, women tend to be more numerous. Girls are ambitious and have a vision of how their career should look like. Programming is not that complicated and it’s one of the most satisfying fields to develop a career. Moreover, the structure of board team has a gender parity: there is a 50% of female managers at Coders Lab. WOW!

Coders Lab also started courses especially suited for mothers. Being on maternity leave is a good time to reshape a career. Software Tester for Mums offers classes 3 times a week, each for 3 hours. Geek Girls Carrots and Coders Lab mutually agree that acquiring new professional skills and being financially independent give lots of satisfaction.

You may find more info about Tester for Mums here: https://coderslab.pl/testerdlamam

Girl, believe in yourself

Coders Lab supports various pro-female organizations and initiatives, one of which is a sequence of free programming workshops for girls and women in different cities in Poland.

Magdalena explains her mission at work: “We still tend to hear from women: It’s too complicated, no way I can learn this, It’s not for me. Meanwhile, women are as good at programming as men.”   

Coders Lab, as well as Geek Girls Carrots, started a partnership with Network of Female Entrepreneurs (in Polish: Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet). The goal of this cooperation is to fight the myth around girls in IT. “We aim to encourage women to believe in themselves and to try if coding is for them. Nowadays IT is a useful skill. The basic knowledge about coding is essential if you want to successfully run a modern company”- Magdalena adds.

Join a network of female entrepreneurs:


Professional preparation

A practical approach is, without doubt, the strongest asset of Coders Lab. All courses take place in company’s headquarters, using the original materials prepared by the best professionals. Thanks to high-quality courses and existence of Career Lab program, graduates find easily a new job: 82% of students find an employment within 3 months of the end of the course.

“Today’s market needs programmers and unfortunately universities are not able to deliver as many graduates. All our participants are motivated, they are goal-oriented and have a mindset of self-improvement.” – Magdalena adds.

Coders Lab has a special tool to support junior developers: Career Lab which helps alumni prepare to find an employment. During course, participants create their own programming portfolio using GitHub. GitHub is a tool that stores all versions of the code. With Webinar HR you obtain a personalized career advice, you may review your CV or LinkedIn profile. You can also practice questions before job interview guided by experienced mentors. “It is crucial to connect the previous experience with this new skill. Employers are looking for diverse and compound profiles.”

Coders Lab has over 200 partner companies that are eager to employ women as programmers.

More details: https://coderslab.pl/pl/praca-po-kursie


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