February 12, 2019

Decode Your Power The story of Karol

Katarzyna Marchocka by

“If half a year ago someone had told me that I would work in the IT industry … I would not believe it (…). And yet, as you can see, I did it.”

From army to IT

Before the course at Coders Lab, I was a professional soldier for two years. It turned out that it’s a job that does not give too much opportunity for development and there was too much routine involved. And at this point I decided to make a change.

The idea for the course was given to me by a friend

I never associated myself with the IT industry. However, it turned out that being the Junior Manual Tester does not require experience nor education. That’s why I decided to try.

It were very intense 2 weeks.

Manual Tester course at Coders Lab lasted two weeks, which was often combined with overtime work. It was intense, but – most importantly – there was emphasis on practical skills, whereas the theoretical knowledge was limited to the necessary minimum.

The course ended with the worldwide known ISTQB certificate.

I found the job after 10 days

I am currently working in an international telecommunications company as a Software Tester. I found this job 10 days after completing the course.

One should not be afraid of changes in life, because only they create our reality. You have to believe in yourself and work … and it seems that I am the best example here.

Karol Sobieraj

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