February 20, 2019

Decode Your Power The story of Ula

Katarzyna Marchocka by

At the end, I could not believe that it was it – I succeeded! But I also felt amazing satisfaction. I can work in the profession now!

Programming inspired me in my previous work

I was working at the technical documentation translation office as Project Manager. We mainly worked for the energy industry, but there were also IT projects. I had to conduct a business analysis of internal management system. I started to look at systems from a programming perspective and wonder if our ideas were technologically feasible. That was when I thought that the profession of a programmer is something for me.

I started with independent learning

I did not know which technology to choose. I really enjoy creating and seeing the effects of my work, so I tried to learn the front-end for 3-4 months. However, I was not satisfied with the results, I could get stuck on one loop for a week.

My friend, a Coders Lab graduate, gave me the idea of ​​going to a course. She was very satisfied with it, so I did not hesitate.

The atmosphere at the course was extremely motivating for me

I really liked the concise structure of the course. I got not only access to the vast amount of knowledge, but above all I found out which direction to go. If I continued to learn on my own,  despite the availability of various materials on the web, I would not be able to learn as effectively as on the course.

In the third week I had a crisis. I was not used to such intense learning and it was a temporary tiredness. My fantastic group told me to just sit down with them and keep writing the code. Also, Coders Lab has very inspiring specialists – you can see that they have experience with real work. I think that the attitude of the lecturers allows you to remember in hard times that you can do it.

As a final project, I created a neighborly help application – such a Uber shopping for neighbors, where you could share your shopping needs. I live in Białołęka and the outlet to the store was like a real trip, so this application was created with a real need.

The first job found me before I sent my first CV

My future boss was present at the presentation of my group’s final projects. My project appealed so much that I got a phone call the following week.

In my short career, I have already released 2 applications: one web and one native in React.  I am extremely satisfied with the ease of switching between technologies – I need only a few days to bite into the new syntax. I know perfectly well that this is due to my work on the course.

Sometimes I look at the certificate that hangs over my desk – it’s a true prize.

Ula Duda

Check more stories here: https://coderslab.pl/pl/odkoduj-swoja-moc.

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