October 24, 2018

Decode Your Power!

Katarzyna Marchocka by

"Never reject the opportunity to take the first step. The first step is the key to obtaining the experience you have longed for."
― Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

The end of high school is getting closer. You’re young and not quite experienced person who is facing a significant decision about the future and how you’re going to make your living.

It’s a really tough decision, especially for many young people who don’t have specific interests and haven’t had an opportunity to explore various career paths yet. Some of them choose universities where their colleagues are going to go. Others decide to start studies that they think will ensure them stable and well-paid job in the future. Unfortunately, after graduation the reality proves to be different. There is also a group who decides to take any job just to earn their first money and become financially independent. People’s motivations and choices are different but very often, few years later, all of them find out that they are stuck in the same place with the same reflection about decision they made in the past: Is it really something I want to do in my life? Does it make me happy? Does it help me develop? Am I satisfied with what I’m doing?

No? So what’s now?

From this moment on we can split people’s stories into two separate directions.

The first group is struggling with their work and current situation. They are stuck and slowly trying to accommodate because the effort needed to break out is huge and requires a lot of determination. Especially when they have already achieved something. Moreover, they can always try to find some bright sides of the situation, focus on them and drift in the direction that life brings.

But there are also those who make a bold decision and make this first, challenging step towards changing the situation. They desert their previous achievements and gained experience and … change their professional life. Without any doubts this first step on the new path requires a true power. The power of character, the power of determination and sometimes the power of unconsciousness. The decision isn’t always taken with full awareness of how difficult the road is going to be and how much sacrifices it will cost, but taking it is the most important thing. The next step will be easier and taken more boldly.

Those who make this significant first step reach to our IT school. For us they are the heroes who decided to take their life into their own hands. They are looking for satisfaction in life. They want to develop, get pleasure from work and, of course, earn good money. They aren’t always sure of that decision (most often they are not!) and they don’t know exactly what awaits them after the end of the course. Is programming, testing or UX design, which they learn in Coders Lab, something that they can deal with? Will they find a job after the course? How long will they have to be juniors and gain experience necessary for independent work?

These kind of doubts show the determination and strength that they have. They invest a lot of time and quite a lot of money in order to make the change as quick and efficient as possible. They use our offer to give themselves a maximum chance of an effective turn of their career.

We only help them to decode this power and then add another one – specific and practical IT competence with which our graduates will be able to start a new stage of their professional life. We believe that the way we teach and prepare our graduates to get a new job determines their success or failure. We know that they trust us. That’s why we feel extremely responsible for it and we take great care of all the elements of this part of their new path. We’re doing our best because what motivates us most are the stories of our students who come back and share them with us. Stories of development, career and success. Stories of Marta, Karol, Kasia, Patryk and thousands of other who have finished our courses.

They inspire others and show that sometimes it’s worth to close your eyes and take this first step, because after doing it, it’s much easier. Those stories are our power and we are extremely happy each time it turns out that our graduates are already far away on this new path in which we have been accompanying them for a while.

And we are always eagerly waiting for postcards from their journey. 🙂

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