Carrots Geneva #14: Innovation is Intertextual


Are you interested in Technology and Science? Come to the Geek Girls Carrots Geneva meetup and join our community of like-minded people!

We’re proud to announce the first speaker – Jennah Kriebel, Executive and thought leader in tech & strategy. CEO of Scaphe Robotics. Speaker. BCG alum. NASA microgravity alum. h-index 11 & Whitesides PhD., Harvard University, USA.

She will show us how to translate notions across different technology spaces, and the power of understanding in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Jennah Kriebel stated that their work would be approached from a meta-topic perspective, combining science, technology, arts, and the humanities.

We will roll our sleeves up and dive into our a methodology to teach the way to navigate across jargon-to-you topic spaces, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution appears to require of us all.

Carrots Geneva #14: Innovation is Intertextual

As always, we’ll meet at the SDG Solution Space, which is located on the ground floor of Campus Biotech Innovation Park. It’s not the main Campus Biotech building! Make sure you know the address: Avenue de Sécheron 15. You need a badge to enter the building, so we’ll let you in. In case you’re late, just knock on the window 🙂 Feel free to bring something to eat or drink.

See you!

Dr. Jennah Kriebel

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