Carrots Geneva #15: Content Marketing


Geek Girls Carrots have joined forces with Growth Hacking Romandie to prepare a special content marketing-oriented meetup. It’s also our last meetup before the summer break, so you can’t miss it!

Most marketers agree that content is king but some of them tend to focus on writing and neglect its distribution. On 11 June, our speakers will show you how to effectively distribute different types of content. Lucas Maliczak from Growth Hacking Romandie will present how to exploit different communication channels and Monika Ambrozowicz from Geek Girls Carrots will focus on Quora.

Carrots Geneva: Content Marketing poster


18.30: Doors open, networking.

19.00: Lucas Maliczak, founder of Growth Hacking Romandie, Communications & New Technologies Specialist at Altarius, Co-founder of Vades Wine.

Content distribution – how to exploit your communication channels.

Creating content to reach your community/audience represents about 20% of the work. The biggest effort comes in its distribution once you have a good content base. Based on strategies used by Gary Vaynerchuk, we will explore how to dispatch content, the attributes of an effective distribution process and the monitoring of a good communication strategy. A good inspiration for those looking to get the most out of the content they create, even if it is not much.

19.30: Q&A

19.45: Monika Ambrozowicz, co-organizer of Geek Girls Carrots Geneva, Content Marketing Specialist at Brainy Bees, Board Secretary at RightsTech Women, Owner of We are Online Switzerland.

Why marketers should use Quora: the beginner’s guide.

Quora is a smart, yet still an underrated tool for marketers. With 300 million monthly users discussing probably every possible topic, it’s a perfect place to find clients and supporters or to build a personal brand. At the same time, it’s crucial to understand that Quora is all about community and being a lone wolf that does nothing else but advertise its brand is not going to work. This presentation is a step-by-step beginner’s guide – from explaining what Quora is about and how to set up a profile to writing answers that give value to the Quora community and serve the content marketing KPIs.

20.15: Q&A

20.30: Apéro and networking

As always, we’ll meet at the SDG Solution Space, which is located on the ground floor of Campus Biotech Innovation Park. It’s not the main Campus Biotech building! Make sure you know the address: Avenue de Sécheron 15. You need a badge to enter the building, so we’ll let you in. In case you’re late, just knock on the window 🙂 Feel free to bring something to eat or drink.

See you!

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