Geek Girls Carrots Cracow #September


Hi, Carrots!

How’re your holidays? We have planned a small warm-up for you to start a new season!

We will meet at the Hevre on September 24 to talk about Salesforce and programming without coding.

The first speaker will be Agata Biedrzycka, Salesforce Consultant at Accenture, who will talk about “Programming without coding – declarative tools of the Salesforce platform”.

Salesforce is a global leader among systems for handling organization contact with clients (CRM – Customer Relationship Management). It is a platform that allows you to create applications without any programming knowledge. The code blocks are pre-written and packed into components that you can simply choose if needed. During the presentation, Agata will discuss the advantages and limitations of declarative programming, and the possibilities offered by Salesforce in this area.

Agata Biedrzycka - Salesforce Consultant

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