Geek Girls Carrots Meetup Online #2


Hello, Carrots!

The second online meetup is coming soon – on April 23! We’re so happy that we can meet together again, regardless of our current locations 🥕 🥕 🥕

This time we will talk about what happens when technology meets business. Kasia Ciborowska from @Accenture will tell us about the technological and business tower of Babel – how to communicate effectively.

A few words from Kasia:

“During the presentation, I will tell you about problems that we often encounter in the communication between technology and business sides. I’ll share with you how to listen to each other, how to ask effective questions, how to sketch ideas graphically while getting rid of industry jargon. I will suggest what to do to save time by preparing well for the conversation and conducting it properly. I will also give examples of more and less effective communication strategies, and what came out of them – based on my own professional experience.”

About the speaker

Katarzyna Ciborowska has experience as a data analyst (mainly for risk and compliance departments in banking), big data programmer and ETL developer. Katarzyna is currently implementing a big data platform at a large financial institution. She is graduated in computer science with a specialization in databases. In her professional career, she strives to have an open mind and to react and adapt to new conditions on an ongoing basis.


meetup opening - Geek Girls Carrots
Technology and business tower of Babel. How to communicate effectively. - Kasia Ciborowska, Accenture
Q&A session with Kasia

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