Geek Girls Carrots Meetup Online #3


Our third online meetup will take place on June 18th! This time we’re meeting with Magda Warpas and Youenn Bouglouan from Avanade Polska, who prepared for us a journey back to the future and will tell how to identify and mitigate problems before they happen by using the premortem method.

For years, teams from the IT industry have used postmortem techniques to analyze their failures. You can learn a lot this way. What if the same lessons could be learned before problems arose?

During this session Magda and Youenn will:
➔ discuss the details of the premortem technique
➔  show you an example of how to carry it out to prevent potential failures in your projects

Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Magda Warpas, Fullstack Developer at Avanade
Youenn Bouglouan, Senior Consultant at Avanade

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