Geek Girls Carrots Meetup Online #4


It’s holiday time! And what better way to enjoy this season than acquiring new skills?

Join us on June 30 at 6 PM on our fourth online meetup to talk about the practical application of one of the most popular platforms, i.e. Salesforce, in marketing automation.

Małgorzata Saternus, Salesforce consultant at Accenture, will share with us insights about the current automation marketing software market, and share tips on the application of Salesforce in business processes. We will also talk about the functions of the applications offered by Salesforce: Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

During the meeting you will learn:

  • how can marketing automation help with business processes, i.e. how Pardot supports sales and how it works with Salesforce
  • how to set up a campaign using the Engagement Studio tool in Pardot
Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Małgorzata Saternus, Salesforce Consultant at Accenture
Q&A session

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