Geek Girls Carrots Meetup Online #6


We are back with a new series of online meetups! The first one will take place on September 3rd, 6 PM.
Our special guest for the first Autumn meetup will be Dominika Berezyna, Lead Business Analyst in ASTEK Polska. She prepared for us a presentation ”They also thought they didn’t need a BA” in which she will share with us what is the role of business analysis in Agile.
In an agile world, there is no such role as a Business Analyst – however, the number of jobs offers for BAs continues to grow. Where are all these analysts working with agile teams hiding? As the first Analyst in an agile team working without an Analyst for over 2 years, I would like to speak about how to build a team of 4 analysts with clearly defined analysis processes in less than 6M.
Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Dominika Berezyna „They also thought they didn't need a BA”
Q&A with Dominika

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