Geek Girls Carrots Meetup Online #8


Join us on November 26th at 6 PM on our eight online meetup. This time our guest will be Ariel Wrona from Accenture who will talk about reskilling in times of Intelligent Automatization.

In a decade from now, the world of work as we know it, will no longer exist in the same form. Many new job types will be introduced – all immersed in the digitalized and automated organizational environment, accompanied by artificial intelligence (AI) and adaptive, hyper-personalized technologies.

With such disruptive transitions of the global workforce, the skills that organizations require will shift dramatically – triggering changes to career paths, learning offerings or talent strategies. This has already become evident in the organizations that had undergone digital transformation programmes and are ushering in agile operating models.

Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Ariel Wrona, Management Consulting Senior Analyst at Accenture
Q&A with Ariel

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