Geek Girls Carrots Webinar: Why necessity is the mother of innovation, not inventions?


Join us on October 1st at 6 PM on a special online meetup organized together with Red Bull Basement – “Why necessity is the mother of innovation, not inventions?”. This time we will talk about the practical side of IT – what does it take to create a digital product that will change the world.

You can’t miss this event if:
🚀 you would like to work on international IT projects!
🚀 you would like to learn why some projects conquer the world, and others don’t!
🚀 you are studying and would like to develop your project, but you need mentors!

Our guests will be the founders and residents of the Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw. Did you know that some of the most well-known companies in the world, like Hubspot or Yahoo, were founded in CIC? And now their second European incubator is opening in the center of Warsaw!

Are you still studying? Be sure to apply for the international Red Bull Basement program and build your prototype! Every year students from around the world join forces to build solutions that will change the world. Record a one-minute video and submit your idea to start changing the world for the better today: Red Bull Basement.

Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Panel discussion with CIC

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