Geek Girls Carrots Wrocław: Data Science


Hello Carrots!

We’re shaping up for the summer! For our May meetup, we’ve prepared a presentation on Data Science and… the second one is still a secret!

We will start with Piotr Góral’s case study of a cloud app that uses NLP to filter and summarize articles. Let’s see what he’s prepared for us:

“I will tell you about a project for which we’ve built our own web app based on Google’s Cloud. The app uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions to filter and summarize parts of a text the most important for a reader. During the first part of the presentation, I will briefly tell you what is NLP and what are the current trends in it. During the second, I’ll tell you about the app’s architecture and show you a short demo.”

Our second speaker will be Ewa Kłosowska, whom you know well as Wroclaw’s Carrot, and this time you will be able to listen to her career path and what advice she has for you.

See you at 6 PM 18:00 w Przyjaciele i Znajomi

Remember about the tickets 😉

Piotr Góral, Accenture Polska,
Ewa Kłosowska

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