GGC x Przemiany Festival 2019 Meetup



The 21st century has brought us many challenges regarding food. Global warming, civilization diseases, mass migrations – our current approach to food production and distribution must change. How do we prepare for this future?

We will talk with our experts about what the food of the future will look like, but also about the career paths that led them to create innovative companies. We’ll tackle issues such as potential development paths for people who would like to follow in their steps, and design solutions for challenges defined in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


18:30 discussion with the startup founders moderated by GGC

19:30 Q&A with the public

20:00 end of event, join us for networking session in the CNK foyer


Katerina Makarova
Iga Czubak
Asia Kuźniacka
Małgorzata Ratajska-Grandin

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