Google Tech Talk with Geek Girls Carrots


New University season has started so we’d like to invite all students interested in an IT career for a special Geek Girls Carrots Meetup with Google!

Interested in learning more about Google? Come hear it from Googlers! We’d like to invite students studying computer science or related degrees to join us virtually.

On October 29th, Google will be hosting a virtual session in collaboration with Geek Girls Carrots for you to learn more about Scale up a system tech talk as well as information on opportunities for students and graduates at Google.

Register through the event link by October 26th and don’t forget to include your CV. See you soon!

Interested to learn more about Google? Feel free to have a look on Google’s Virtual Series: Build for Everyone!

Opening by Geek Girls Carrots
Kasia Gut, Software Engineer at Google
Nikola Ledwonova, Tech University Programs Specialist at Google

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