Hacking Carrots Workshop #2: Data Science


We’re back with a new Python programming workshop – this time in Warsaw!

Data Science has been one of the most important directions of IT development in recent years. Would you like to learn how to develop solutions on the verge of advanced technologies and business? Join the second Hacking Carrots workshop, which we have prepared together with CPPC on the basis of the UN’s Sustainable Development goals.

What can you expect?

We will teach you the basics of data analysis. Starting with the basics of Python, you’ll learn how to create your own scripts and functions, and data visualization.

Our plan for this weekend is focused on:

? obtaining data: writing a scrapper

? data processing and visualization

? learning how to use tools that support data analysis

? training a simple model to analyze sentiment

For whom?

To participate in Hacking Carrots Workshop # 2: Data Science, basic Python knowledge is enough



Aleksandra Możejko

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