Hacking Carrots Workshop #3: UX for VR/AR


IT is not only about programming languages – join our first VR/AR workshop!


Do you want to learn how to design a VR/AR application? Then the third workshop from the Hacking Carrots series is something for you 🙂


During this weekend we plan to:

? identify the stages of application creation

? learn more about the existing applications

? User Center Design

? Alpha project – designing a dedicated application concept


For whom?

To participate in Hacking Carrots Workshop # 3: VR/AR it’s enough to have a basic knowledge of C #, C ++ or JavaScript.


When: 18-19.05.19

Where: HubHub, Al. Jerozolimskie 93, Warsaw


Brygida Maria Dzidek
Piotr Juchnowicz, theViewer.co

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