Machine Learning Sprint Workshop


Hello, Carrots!

Join us in Wrocław for a Machine Learning workshop we’ve planned with EY Global Delivery Services Poland to master your Natural Language Processing skills ???

Do you want to take your Machine Learning skills to the next level? You’re in the right place!


What’s our plan?

We will be working on a large dataset of wine reviews and corresponding scores. We will build a Machine Learning/NLP powered model which will read reviews (which are unstructured free text) and predict the quality score of the wine. 

Wait a minute, is it just for fun? No, although we’ll be having fun with wine reviews, this is a simplified version of similar business problems like assessing the correctness of VAT declarations, quantifying risk in legal contracts, entity extraction in large documents… meaning you can then go and put your skills into practice in commercial projects.


Workshop details

There will be a basic version of the code already built, and you will be asked to ‘fill the gaps’ to produce a working model or build everything from scratch if you choose so. EY GDS mentors experienced in ML will help you throughout. 

We’ll also discuss some common pitfalls and issues with building models like that during & at the end of the workshop. At the end, you will get a chance to present your solutions and receive awards after some scoring by our panel.


Apply here till September 23rd: 

We will announce the results on September 27, and vacant seats for the reserve list on September 30.


Terms & Conditions: 

Privacy Policy:

Kamil Jędryczek, Senior ML/AI Implementation Engineer – EY
Lander Ketelaars, AI Center Lead, Poland – EY
Maciej Zalwert, Senior ML/AI Implementation Engineer – EY
Maciej Wojciechowski, Senior ML/AI Implementation Engineer – EY
Rafal Zareba, ML/AI Implementation Engineer – EY
Tomasz Lisowski, Senior ML/AI Implementation Engineer – EY

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