Zurich #23: LinkedIn: Tips’n Tricks (The Basics)


LinkedIn has 810 million users worldwide. People and companies from 200 countries have set up a profile on LinkedIn.
Imagine the opportunities you may get when you begin to use the power of LinkedIn correctly. The ability to transfer your opinion and ideas, engage with your audience, influence them and gain credibility professionally.
In this talk, Carol will go over the basics of LinkedIn with some explanations, tips on how to get started, how to plan ahead and keep up with new features.
Based on demand, we will continue with the advance part.

Carol is a Marketer for Software-as-a-Service Manufacturing, who is passionate about having conversations on Industry 4.0.
She loves working with people, likes good processes and enjoys learning about new technologies.

Yeliz is an IT Professional and the Google Women Techmakers Ambassador who talks about digital transformation at corporates. She likes connecting to people, mentoring and training young girls to encourage them for STEM functions.

Yeliz Obrist
Carol Mitchell-Lin

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