August 14, 2018

FaniMani a new way of supporting Carrots is here!

Katarzyna Marchocka by

A new way of supporting Carrots is here!
Geek Girls Carrots love people who use innovative web solutions to help others. is Poland’s first website which enable supporting social organisations just by shopping online, without any additional cost.

And so what is this? How does this work?
Every time when you purchase something online by the FaniMani website, the organization which you aim to support receives a donation. You pay as much as you always do because the donations came from the shop marketing budget.
FaniMani supports over 2 700 social initiatives and you can help them by shopping in over 800 stores taking part in the co-operation.
Now you can support Geek Girls Carrots! All you have to do is to visit FaniMani’s website and… just do your usual online shopping.
Helping other has never been so pleasant!

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