June 8, 2018

First blockchain hackathon in Poland

Katarzyna Marchocka by

40-hours blockathon is an intense way to learn by practice. Geek Girls Carrots realise how team work is important in order to improve products in the sector which is crucial in almost every aspect of the modern world. We recommend to you this very unique event that will help you to get know better blockchain technology.

What the heck?

Blockathon – is a magic fusion of blockchain and hackathon, first event like that in Poland organized by Unicorns House and Impact CEE. If you feel like meeting over 150 imaginative developers, visionaries, (UX) designers, investors, entrepreneurs… join us and participate in the creation of the future blockchain technology! Workshops are included, so you do not have to be a blockchain expert to take part and win the competition. Several challenges have been prepared. The goal of the participants is to design a blockchain-based solution in administration or business field. Prizes and eternal praise await the winners.


You are a creative and visionary human being who love new challenges. Sometimes you feel slightly bored and you are keep on thinking how can you use your basic knowledge about blockchain technology? Maybe you are familiar with programming, design, graphics, business or you just have a misty idea of what might do? Or even better, you know how hard it is to survive in the startup world? You have just read in the news about millions collected in ICOs? Or maybe you want to impress everyone with your outstanding ideas? Welcome, whether you are an expert or a curious beginner.


Blockathon takes place at Startberry (Grochowska 306/308, 2nd floor, Warsaw)

Find out more:

Become a participant in Blockathon https://www.blockathon.pl/ – propose interesting solutions using blockchain technology and win prizes!

Buy a ticket before they run out:  https://goo.gl/Ydwn6v

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