August 31, 2018

From Developer to Manager Career in IT

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Kasia Rakoczy is a manager at Accenture Advanced Technology Center Poland. Exclusively for Geek Girls Carrots, she reveals her passion for computer science and explains why she is proud of her work at Accenture, where she has been for more than a decade.

Passion from home

Kasia mentions that her interest in computers dates back to elementary school. Her dad was pursuing career in IT so there was almost always a computer at home. Her case is classic: the passion began from playing games. Then she tried to write her very first code. With games, however, she has not parted to this day – she still loves competition. Her favorite titles are Mass Effect, The Witcher and previous versions of Fallouts. She began to learn to program seriously at the end of high school. This experience helped her decide to study Informatics and Econometrics at the University of Lodz.

From developer to manager

Kasia has been working at Accenture for eleven years. During the first period of her career, she dealt with technologies provided by Oracle. During this time, she completed the full development path – from developer to team leader.

“It was a period of very intensive development of my technological skills and workshop” – she recalls.

What was the key to success?

“In my case, what has contributed to my success, is the ability to find joy at work and to make it your passion. Having this mindset, I had the opportunity to learn from each task I was given and I never got bored. It is crucial in the developer’s work to write each piece of code and feel fulfilled, be able to play with it and look for better ways to solve the problem.”

New challenge

Two years ago, Kasia sought out a new challenge: changing from the technology division in Accenture to Salesforce. “Little known in Poland, in the world it is a company mentioned with such giants as Google or Microsoft.”
Kasia absolutely does not regret her decision, although she admits that it was not easy. “Forging a new path requires a lot of discipline and determination. But the moment when all goals are met, the team is satisfied with the project, and the client is satisfied with the team, all difficulties are being rewarded. It’s people who give you wings.”



“I do not hide that sometimes I wanted to give up.” – says Kasia. – “What motivates me in difficult moments? Of course, my team. As a developer, I was responsible for the code, now I’m responsible for the people I work with. I feel real joy when they are satisfied with their tasks, the atmosphere in the team and the results of their own work.”

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