August 31, 2018

From Veterinary Science to… Computer Science Career in IT

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Where did idea about career in IT come from?

Ewa was not interested in pursuing career in IT until she met her current partner, a professional programmer. Her interest in the IT industry grew over time thanks to him. At that time, she studied veterinary medicine in Lublin, but over time she began to lose interest in her studies. She was not sure about her future work as a veterinarian. After a while she decided to change something in her life – she took a gap year and moved to Wroclaw. She describes it as quite an unpleasant time in her life, but it helped her redefine her goals in life.

A new life in Wroclaw

Wrocław has given her the will to act. Ewa decided to start her efforts to change her career. Thanks to her friends, working in various positions in IT, Ewa discovered educational tools – ISTQB, SCRUM, GIT, SQL, etc.

– I like to learn, so I just studied every day. – Ewa says. – I tried to do a different fields in computer science every day, in order not to get bored.

The next milestone was to write a CV, which Ewa did with friends’ help. As soon as she felt confident enough, she began applying for internships and positions, which she found interesting. – I only looked at the skills required for the jobs. Not minding how much experience they were asking for, if I had at least a half of the required skills, I sent a CV.

During the first month, Ewa did not get an answer. In the second month, her phone rang several times. Ewa’s efforts brought a fantastic result: she participated in four interviews and three employers offered her a job!

Into deep water

Ewa became a Junior Software Tester at GlobalLogic. Her very first project was focused on IoT, which she had recently learnt how to use.

– The beginning of work looked like going into uncharted waters. – laughs Ewa. – Every day, I was discovering how many things I could not do, did not understand or even did not know existed! I did not give up, despite difficulties.

– The biggest mistake during the first two weeks was the fear of asking questions. At veterinary faculty, students were obliged to know everything by heart. – I decided to start asking questions in order to improve and show clearly what I struggled with.

It was a good decision because it turned out to be the best way to learn. After three months, Ewa got a contract for an illimited period of time and … continued to ask her colleagues in case of doubts.

– Every day I knew more and more, and at the same time, many things became more and more interesting to me. One day, I don’t even know when, I started checking the documentation and questioning it, looking for erroneous information. It was just fun!

What gives you the greatest joy in the tester’s work? – The greatest satisfaction for me is that I feel like waking up every morning and going to work without any negative feelings. I am glad that my work is appreciated, and what I do is perceived by others. I also appreciate the flexibility of work and the possibility of separating professional and private life.

A few tips for beginning testers

When asked about the skills needed by someone looking to become a applications or coding tester, Ewa suggests knowledge of ISTQB, basic knowledge of SCRUM methodology and English at a communicative level. Above all, however, your own willingness to learn is essential.

In the beginning, Ewa was afraid of her lack of knowledge. Now, when asked for advice for starters in the IT sector, she recommends daring to ask. Competent testers are in high demand. In this industry, nobody has an absolute knowledge. Every junior colleague has the right not to know or understand something. – If someone tells you that “you should already know this!”, you were just unlucky. Just do not give up. Everyone starts somewhere, right?

Ewa believes that this is an industry for everyone – men and women. As she says, it’s important for people working in IT to be satisfied with their decisions and happy to do such a job.

Not just tests

After work, Ewa follows the testing pages on Facebook. She also recommends using e-learning platforms, which were used during the change of professional path – guru99 and the SQL course on w3schools.

What motivates Ewa at work?

– I am inspired by people who do what they want to do in their lives, without worrying about others’ opinion. I am guided by the saying that when you do something, do it correctly, decently.

In her spare time, Ewa hangs out with her partner, reads books, plays in World of Warcraft or simply… celebrates meals! 🙂

We hope, as Geek Girls Carrots, that Ewa’s story will inspire you to dare to look for a new fulfilling professional path. Do not be afraid, your effort will pay off!

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