April 23, 2019

Girl power! Let’s help Syntoil win Chivas Venture fund

Katarzyna Marchocka by

The first $100,000 of the Chivas Venture fund is in your hands. Your votes decide who gets the biggest share.

Driving a circular economy for the rubber industry.

Syntoil is transforming used tyres and rubber into industrial products to evade waste and carbon emissions.


Over 1 billion tyres are replaced every year, translating to over 13 million tons of waste annually. Only a small portion of these tyres are recycled via retreading. The majority of them are burnt which does more harm than good.

We have developed and patented a method called continuous pyrolysis, meaning the thermal decomposition of tyres without oxygen. In comparison, to burning, our zero-waste process reduces the emission of inorganic compounds which cause respiratory diseases, and compounds causing climate change, by approximately 96%.

Funding would allow us to…

…maximise the number of materials extracted from processed tyres and rubber, and continue to improve environmental conditions for all. Recycled rubber can be used to make printing ink, tyres, paints, new buildings materials and more. Resources on earth are limited and waste is too valuable to burn.

What’s your blend for success?

Success is a blend of awareness and problem solving. We have spent the last three years developing our technology and understanding all factors of the problem—for example, how the industry affects human beings, animals and soil and contributes to climate change and modern diseases. We’ve found that only when you are fully aware, can you find a solution.

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