June 2, 2018

Google Developers Community Roadshow

Katarzyna Marchocka by

Join the Community Roadshow to find out how Google supports developers, geeks, IT communities and start-ups. Meet community members, take part in workshops, have a tech chat and just enjoy live music, quizzes, games and much more!

Google Developers Community Roadshow
Google Developers are going to wait for you here:

  • Gdańsk, 11.06 (Inkubator Starter)
  • Poznań, 13.06 (Politechnika Poznańska, Kampus Piotrowo, Centrum Mechatroniki, Biomechaniki i Nanoinżynierii)
  • Kraków, 15.06 (Miasteczko Studenckie AGH).

Sign up for the event ​here​!

What to expect:

● Information: ​learn more about how Google supports developer communities around  the world, from content, speakers to a global network

● Network:​ with other community organizers from your city

● Workshops: ​join some of our product workshops on tour (Actions on Google, Google Cloud), and meet with Google teams

● Fun: ​live music, games and more!  More information on ​Community Roadshow​ website. https://events.withgoogle.com/community-roadshow-2018/#content

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