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Boclips is the small but mighty educational technology start up that’s evolving the way video is used in classrooms across the US, Middle East and Asia. We have the world’s largest collection of educationally relevant short-form videos from partners including Ted Talks, Youtube, PBS, Minute Earth, The Smithsonian and The Wall St Journal. With video clips curated to academic standards, the boclips video platform allows teachers and publishers to easily find and use engaging content that brings lessons to life – in a safe ad-free platform.

2 years ago
Software Engineer

Engineering at Boclips

Boclips is a team of 26 across the world. Our product and engineering team is 13 people based in London. Growing our team in Warsaw is super important.  That’s where you come in! Our vision is to have a small, autonomous engineering and product team in Warsaw, closely-knit with our London team. For us that means sharing our engineering culture, practices and processes. 

How do we work? 

  • We are an agile team. We do daily stand ups, retrospectives and IPMs. 
  • We pair program a lot to share context, learn from each other and solve problems more quickly. 
  • We value simplicity. This means we deliver continuously, which allows us to work in short cycles and ship code frequently.
  • We test. Following the red/green refactor cycle of TDD is enjoyable and helps to keep everything in perspective. It helps us as engineers to think through a problem, detailing required functionality through tests. 
  • We value experimentation and learning.  We have a #we-fail Slack channel, where the team can share their failures and celebrate what we learnt in the process.  

The Team

You’ll be part of an experienced, disciplined and most of all fun team who care about people and care about solving problems.  You’ll be encouraged to make mistakes and learn quickly. You’ll help shape the Boclips engineering culture and will be able to say you played a key role in building our Warsaw office. 

What will you work on?

  • You’ll work in a fullstack manner on features crucial to scaling our business. The educational tech community has defined a number of common protocols for exchanging information between learning platforms and implementing them is what we need to seamlessly integrate with partners and extend our customer reach. 
  • Another challenge will be in optimising our internal workflows. Many areas of content acquisition and delivery can be automated and made more friendly for the back office teams. This includes, apart from doing the engineering itself, talking to the teams and our UX designer in order to pinpoint requirements for essential improvements.
  • That said, you’ll always have a chance to speak your mind and impact other areas of our business — proactive approach is what we value a lot!

Tech Stack

You don’t need to know our stack (Kotlin, Java, Spring, TypeScript, React, Kubernetes). We care more about who you are and your potential than the skills you have today. This means we will ramp you up on anything needed to succeed. Prepare to learn fast, though. And yes, we do use Kotlin on the backend and it’s been a blast so far!

What about you?

We believe in hiring for engineering aptitude over niche or deeply technical skills.  What does this mean?

  • You can communicate clearly to all audiences, including non-technical team members and external partners
  • You advocate for writing high-quality code and leaving things in a better state than you found them.
  • You’re a well-rounded software engineer who likes to understand the business context and anything else that might impact the product. 
  • You have reached a good level of software craftsmanship, preferably fullstack. 
  • You love to learn. It’s important to you to be continually growing professionally and personally.
  • You are humble and kind, even when you disagree.
  • You know that loving your work and having fun doing it together is a major driver of top-performing teams.

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