December 6, 2018

Join International Digital Skills Program

Katarzyna Marchocka by

It’s a common knowledge that we live in the employee’s market. Or do we? Fast development of digital solutions and automation leaves us with the workforce that lacks basic skills of the future. This is why we decided to join forces with Facebook in delivering its Digital Skills program in Europe to strengthen young people's digital competences.

The program is dedicated to students and young professionals in line with Europe 2020 strategy, as well as New Skills Agenda for Europe. A high number of flagship initiatives in both programs is focused on improving the employment situation of young people. As Geek Girls Carrots was founded on the principle that increasing diversity in the IT will benefit the whole sector, we are happy to bring to our community this prestigious training.

The idea behind the Digital Skills program was to provide young Europeans with skills increasing their employability. The curriculum was developed based on research conducted among employers operating in the region and its main focus is on enabling participants to gain hands-on experience.

We currently provide trainings in four areas: innovations, social marketing, web presence and cybersecurity.


  •       how to implement the project thinking methodology;
  •       how to try your idea quickly to find the best solution.

Social marketing:

  •       how to use social media to develop a career, community or own business;
  •       How to create a strategy of social media presence in four steps;
  •       what benefits social marketing can bring in various areas of business activity.

Web presence:

  •       which online tools can help you build your online image;
  •       what qualities make people choose some services over others;
  •       what to do to raise the number of quality visitors on your website or social media;
  •       what are the free, intuitive tools that will facilitate the creation of a credible and profitable web presence – your own business card, website or blog.


  •       how to use the devices connected to the internet safely;
  •       what traps scammers set up for us;
  •       how to protect yourself and/or your business against phishing and malware.

AI and Automation:

  • gives a basic understanding of concepts and terms related to AI and automation and what the differences are;
  • it then moves on to focus on simple algorithms and have participants create one of their own;
  • it finishes up looking at more sophisticated types of AI and the likely impact they will have on participants’ lives and work.


  • the tools tone needs to make more effective decisions based on data, illustrating the importance of this way of thinking;
  • shows how to embed data-informed decision making into their life and work.

The trainings take place in Warsaw, in Przestrzeń from Facebook.

Check our Facebook calendar to find out when you can join the next event: Digital Skills Program with Geek Girls Carrots.

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