June 25, 2018

Komputronik Biznes the real meaning of passion

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Komputronik Biznes, our partner, is an innovative company providing businesses and institutions with a wide range of high quality IT consultancy as well as complex technical services. Most of all, it is a home to many creative and passionate people.

From Poznań to Cracow

Since 2003, Komputronik Biznes has successfully guided numerous clients across Poland towards modernization, productivity and security.  It sees innovation as its mission, and provides means to achieve it. With many years of experience, it was founded in Poznań in 2003, and quickly developed a network of branch offices in six major Polish cities: Gdańsk, Warszawa, Katowice, Wrocław, Rzeszów, and Kraków.

The key to success

Komputronik Biznes believes that the mixture of trust, responsibility, diversity, initiative, and cooperation is the key to success. Above all, however, it believes in people. Over the years it has assembled a team of over 200 dedicated, highly qualified and passionate experts. Most noteworthy, Komputronik Biznes creates a unique environment for their employees to advance their careers and develop their talents.

If you would like to join the team visit: https://www.komputronikbiznes.pl/kariera/

We stand together

Recently, Geek Girls Carrots have had the great pleasure of taking part in the first joint meet-up with Komputronik Biznes in Gdańsk. Moreover, Magdalena Kaczmarek, HR Business Partner in Biznes Komputronik, has given her expert commentary on our “Women in IT” report. Nonetheless, that’s only the beginning of our cooperation. There will be more news coming soon, so stay tuned!

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