November 9, 2018

Limits breaker interview with Aleksandra Głośnicka, Accenture

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Accenture believes that the future workforce is an equal one, and gender diversity is essential for an innovation-led organization. That is why we set two clear goals that are fundamental to our culture: to achieve a gender-balanced workforce and to increase the diversity of our leadership by growing the percentage of women managing directors. Would like to know how one of them have been working on her success?

Tell us about your career path (How long have you been with Accenture? What type of work do you do?).

My name is Aleksandra Głośnicka. I joined Accenture in 2010 and upon joining I am working on an implementation of new technologies in companies from Resources domain. On my account, I have multiple implementations of different IT systems for companies from heavy industry such as metallurgic or energy.

Describe a pivotal moment in your career—one that inspired change, required you to stretch yourself or demonstrated resilience.

As a young analyst who recently joined the company, I was observing the business environment that I was in. The technology sector that was (and still is) strongly dominated by man. And I was trying to adapt. I thought that if I adopt the communication style, wear trousers for business meetings I would perform well and achieve what is expected. But nothing could be more wrong. After several failed attempts I understood that it is not the way, faking somebody who I am not will not bring me any closer to success. I realized that I should rely on my own talents and abilities. I learned that not the fact that we look alike and think alike is important but the fact that we differ makes our communities and teams more creative and performing better in terms of efficiency or profitability.

What advice would you offer a woman just starting at Accenture; or what advice would you offer an experienced woman professional looking to grow into a leadership role?

First of all, I would say that it is really high time to put the topic of gender diversity on fire. And saying that I am also very happy that it is on fire now.

What I would recommend to experienced woman professional looking to grow into a leadership role is that they should not feel any perceived pressure associated with top-level positions. As talented, fantastic and beautiful women, they should aim high and aspire to right to the tops.

And for a woman just starting in Accenture I would say that she should rely on own talents and believe in themselves. The sky is the limit.

And maybe for both of them, I would say that we are lucky that we work for Accenture, the company that well understands the importance of inclusion and diversity and simply cares for talented woman.

Who are the people in your life who make you a better person – and a better leader?

I guess that my husband who is also my best friend, best counselor in tough contentious issues, the best audience for speeches training end I could enumerate a long list of “the best roles” he plays in our family. Recently my son Jeremy who teaches me patience on a daily basis. And for sure my team colleagues who make me learn every day.

Describe the role a mentor/role model has played in your career.

Since I remember my great passion was life sciences. My educational background is biotechnology and nanotechnology. However, when I graduated technical university I was uncertain where and how to start my professional career. I applied to Accenture, but the vision of work in new technologies as IT consultant was rather blurred. Eventually, I decided to give it a go having in mind one great example of a career. Not many people know that Jerzy Buzek who was the President of the European Parliament is a chemistry professor. I am not a professor nor a president, but I thought that if he could do it, why shouldn’t I at least try. And as you see it has been already 8 years and I am still working for Accenture. Maybe one day if I will have a chance to meet Jerzy Buzek I will thank him for being my role model.

What has been the key to your success?

I think that I would not reinvent the wheel by stating “no pain, no gain”. To be successful you simply need to work hard or be very lucky. I guess both worked for me. I am a type of hard worker, a person who appreciates constant development and perfection. But I am also lucky in terms of people I meet in my professional career.

 What do you like to do when you are not working?  If you wish, tell us about your home life, hobbies, vacations, volunteer work, etc.  

My great passion is yoga practice and mindfulness. I also love to pack my backpack and travel with my husband. Our travels give us the opportunity to observe the changing world, people and cultures around us and also experience the “new”. In my private life, I also put attention to living consciously, carrying about the environment, limiting the consumption.

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