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Komputronik Biznes Sp. z o.o. is an integrator of solutions on the IT market, offering consulting and comprehensive services for enterprises and institutions. Company develops and implements plans for comprehensive computerization, including the modernization of existing IT systems.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new and exciting alliance in the IT world. You will find its fruits very soon during a cycle of meetings between Geek Girls Carrots and Komputronik Biznes.

They will take place in three cities in Poland and they will offer not only business lectures with experts, but also HR cooperation. Komputronik Biznes consults, elaborates and conducts complex IT, modernization and integration projects. We are more than happy to start this bracing partnership in order to promote women as a significant actor in new technologies. Geek Girls Carrots are actively expanding knowledge and promoting exchange of experience in its community through the organization of workshops, talks, lectures and many other events.

– People who follow up Komputronik Biznes know that the company is merely innovative. We often share our expertise to create even more innovative solutions. This is why we are very happy to cooperate with Geek Girls Carrots and we hope that and we hope that together we will be able to create a valuable program that will interest the GGC community as well as new customers – says Mirosław Jasiak, Komputronik Biznes Marketing Director.

Nowadays it is not surprising that women occupy the posts in the new technologies sector, however it was not so obvious a dozen years ago. Foundations and organizations which promote women in IT field have a crucial role in fighting this harmful and stereotyped way of thinking.

Female professionals working at Komputronik Biznes are specialised in cyber security or programming. IT girls usually experienced changement of the industry during their careers – and such issues are often discussed at Geek Girls Carrots meetings. Being a partner of several of them, the company will try to inspire the community through dedicated lectures and networking meetings, as well as show the opportunities that potential employees offer.

In the first year of cooperation between Komputronik Biznes and Geek Girls Carrots, three meetings will be organized: in Poznań, Wroclove and 3-City. In addition, a dedicated HR event will take place in Poznań.

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