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If you want to promote your company as opened to diversity and focused on employees’ development, become Geek Girls Carrots’ partner! You will show a positive image of your company, appearing as an unusual employer. We guarantee a well-profiled group of potential collaborators for your company. We enable you to promote your brand in a new creative way. So far, we have successfully organised recruitment-focused events for companies such as: Facebook, Nokia and Intel. Join them!



Tooploox is a software house that puts its focus on helping other companies in reaching their full potential.
They support organizations with extensive experience in areas of product development, consulting and mentoring, as well as R&D.
They main specializations are:
🥕 AI & ML (computer vision, deep learning, etc)
🥕 Product design (UX, UI, prototyping, user re-search, etc)
🥕Web development (React.js, Python, etc)
🥕Mobile development (Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, etc)
🥕 Discovery process (ideation, market fit analysis, etc)
🥕Project management

At Tooploox, the most important value is people - caring for their well-being is our highest priority. They take exceptional joy in providing teams with the the best possible conditions for development and ensuring that people fulfill themselves professionally
working in an environment of experienced experts and innovators.

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