May 22, 2020

Project Portfolio: Agnieszka’s Chrome App

Agata Piekut by Agata

Recently, we've organized a #ProjectPortfolio challenge. Today we'd like to share with you one of the projects - meet Agnieszka Jarosik-Łój and her Chrome App.

Why IT? What was your journey so far?
My adventure with IT began by accident. I did not consider this path at all when I chose my field of study. It was my husband who inspired me to start learning programming. I tried it and I really liked it from the ery beginning. I remember that at first it was really hard, but I enjoyed it so I continued to study. When I was going on parental leave, I decided to try to change my professional path. Right now I’m looking for my first job as a programmer.

When did you start learning to code? Any tips for those who’d like to start coding, too?
I started a few years ago. I started with the C ++ course, which gave me the basics. I decided to start learning front-end over a year ago. At the beginning I participated in an internet course, then Girls.js workshop, which I highly recommend, and now I’m doing a postgraduate course in JavaScript developer path. Thanks to this my learning has accelerated significantly and I can always count on help and constructive criticism 🙂

I’m only at the beginning of the road, so I don’t know if I’m the right person to give advice. If anything: don’t give up. At the beginning it is not easy, thousands of things seem “too difficult”. But over time you learn all these difficult things and writing code is getting easier. Fous on writing code and going through different exercises.

Please tell us more about your portfolio: what & why you decided to build?
My GitHub repository consists mainly of projects and tasks written during my postgraduate course. These are things created with the help of frameworks (mainly React, some in Angular) and pure JS. There’s also Node and Express, which I’m starting to learn. And my recent projects are the chrome extension, which I was inspired by the Portfolio Project. The plugin had to be published, so it was my first project that went out of the GitHub repository 🙂 Now I’m working on the biggest thing so far. This is to be a PWA application for travel planning.

Check Agnieszka’s Chrome App in Chrome Store and on Github.

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