May 29, 2020

Project Portfolio: Aleksandra’s UX Case Study

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It's time for an interview from the UX edition of our Project Portfolio. Aleksandra Midor shares with us her process of building UX Case Study.

Why UX? What was your journey so far?
I am an architect by profession. I have more than ten years of experience both working in the cross-discipline teams as well as carrying out projects and contacts with clients on my own. All that time, I was dealing with UX by creating the experience of people in the spaces I designed: interiors, houses, restaurants, universities, public squares. With research as a starting point for the design process, I always tried to get to know my clients’ needs, habits and everyday routines. For example, I asked them to retrieve from memory step by step the morning of the working day or to show me the way they use the kitchen. This user-centred approach, crucial while creating innovative products, appeals to me.

Some time ago I took part in a project of a VR application for architects where they could present visualisations. As a user-architect, I tested prototypes of this application with my clients. I became increasingly more interested in the whole development process and digital products in general. Nowadays, when we incorporate new technologies as integral parts of our lives, I find working in the IT field incredibly exciting and challenging. Why not be a part of that? 😊

When did you start learning User Experience? Any tips for those who’d like to start coding, too?
After this VR app project, I got into the mentoring program organised by Woman in Technology which allowed me to run through the whole UX process. I was able to work with a real business, as my friend, who runs an English school, wanted to reshape her business. I am grateful for this opportunity!

Coding? This is not an obvious question for an aspiring UX designer.😊 However, I am learning the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and so far enjoy it a lot! One more time, I will refer to my working experience as an architect. I remember how much my work improved after regular visits on the construction site. I believe that learning the basics of coding could help to understand the bare bones of the product and save a lot of time.

Please tell us more about your portfolio: what & why you decided to build?
I wanted to share with you my case study for the service called Helping Hand. The project took place during 5-day workshops. Our task was to ‘Design a service for 2025 that would increase the desirability of shared transportation and would improve the quality of life in Copenhagen’. During the interviews, we found out that vulnerable passengers, like disabled people, elderly people, or passengers with temporary needs, like patients with fractures, pregnant women, have problems with being legible while using public transportation. They struggle to get the assistance they need. We created a multi-actor solution to empower these vulnerable travellers. The service starts with the doctor’s appointment and is provided while using the bus.

If you are eager to know more, I enclose the link to the full case study. I encourage you especially to watch the movie from the testing process and how we ‘build’ a bus in a narrow corridor.😊 It was a lot of fun!

Check Aleksandra’s UX Case Study HERE.

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