May 15, 2020

Project Portfolio: Julia’s Chrome App

Agata Piekut by Agata

Recently, we've organized a #ProjectPortfolio challenge. Today we'd like to share with you one of the projects - meet Julia 艁ojek and her Chrome App.

Why IT? What was your journey so far?
I am an interior and furniture designer by education and after finishing university I worked in that field for a while. I liked being creative, solving functional and aesthetic problems and the general design process but when I started working I realized I am constantly asked to create similar projects and I am unable to build my own ideas in real life due to high costs of materials or factory costs.

This is the difference between physical and digital projects and this is why I decided to take what I’d already learned (like design methodologies, solving problems during the development process and focusing on the human factor in creating products and solutions), study new technologies and combine it all. To achieve it I decided to go the front-end way. Now I’ve just finished an intensive 2,5-month course, learned a lot of technologies and tools, built some projects and I’m still learning more, now on my own.

When did you start learning to code? Any tips for those who鈥檇 like to start coding, too?
My first front-end project I created when I was 13 and it was a simple web page. I got a book about HTML and I was amazed that I can create so much just by writing some words and symbols 馃槈

After that I had a break and went the other way (design studies) and then about 1,5 years ago I got interested in writing code again and discovered how much it changed over the years and how convenient it is now compared to my earlier experiences.
And the tips? I try to follow these as well since this are also my beginnings:

  • Write code, write more code and then even more 馃槈
  • Absorb new technologies and tools but step by step. Don’t make a huge list with all the technologies, languages and tools you think you need to learn because you’ll become overwhelmed and terrified. That was my mistake.
  • Be consistent 馃檪

Please tell us more about your portfolio: what & why you decided to build?
In my portfolio I have a few projects. The biggest one is an app (React, Firebase) I created in a scrum team during the course I took. It’s the app for people who want to visit Tricity, Poland and together in our team we’ve built many features, worked on functionalities and UX.

The other thing in my portfolio is a Google Chrome extension – Tiny Break, which uses a new tab in the browser to remind you of some small but important activities that can be helpful while working at the desk. The idea to build a Chrome extension I found thanks to the article written by Geek Girls Carrots.

The third small project is a simple todo list app built using React, Redux, Firebase and MaterialUI.
My portfolio is still growing, I’m learning new tools and write new projects 馃檪

Check Julia’s Chrome App in Chrome Store and on Github.

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