July 1, 2020

Role Model: from humanist to IT expert

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Karolina Organowska currently works in Governance & Change Management//SAP SUCCESSFACTORS | People&Culture Technology Team at Discovery Inc. But it wasn't a straightforward career path - learn more in our interview!

What do you do? How would you describe your current role in IT?
My organization has currently undergone a major HR transformation on a huge scale. For more than a year we have been implementing an innovative cloud tool based on a Human Capital Management solution called SAP SUCCESSFACTORS. I was a part of a team concentrated on data migration. I could acquire more technical skills and see from a bigger perspective how such an enormous implementation project looks like.

But this journey truly just started for me as I emerged into my new role which is supporting change & governance management and being a part of the People & Culture Technology Team. Now I am focused on investigating opportunities for improvements regarding the P & C Tech operating model. Creating and maintaining knowledge base of operating procedures, processes and work instructions. I also provide support employees with queries, issues related to P&C systems via ServiceNow case management. I also lead the internal and external communication of system changes and Support with the maintenance of global processes enabling technologies support structures system requirements and potential employee experience impact

Regardless of my daily routines I try to think out of the box and look for opportunities that appear in the company like mentoring programs, hunting for skills that other teams have to offer and establish relationships with amazing people who work there!

You’ve had an exciting journey into IT – could you share it with us?
It was quite surprising! I have never imagined myself in this field to be frank.

Around 3 years ago I was on an Erasmus exchange in Germany while studying English and it was coming to an end. I knew that I had to look for some serious job because I needed to become financially independent. I was just looking for something randomly and I found an ad that GSK is looking for interns. I applied not being completely aware of what my role would be! I was more of an administrator but it gave me a chance to get a glance at what it actually means to work in the world of IT. I tried talking to different people and with time I got a better understanding of what it all means and that you do not necessarily need to be a developer to be a part of this so-called IT world!

What helped you to change your career path?
I would say being totally open for new opportunities and curious of what is going on around me in the work field. I did not stick to my job, but I was exploring what other people much smarter than me can do!

Which courses and resources were most useful for you?
Internship is a great start! Companies focused on young peoples’ development provide you with support and learning tools and programs. You just must be motivated enough to keep looking and asking for those things in your company, not being closed and afraid. Apart from that I was trying to take part in as many IT relevant events as possible, take up free online courses which provide certificates and sign up for groups which look for similar things as you do. That is why I am a part of GGC! To support women who want to start their career and support each other

What would you advise fellow humanities graduates who’d like to follow in your steps?
Do more than it is required at your current role. Show that you are motivated to learn, and you can face any challenges that may appear on your way! Ask people questions, take part in online webinars, go to events and just be out there!

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