July 12, 2019

Role Model Series: IT Consultant

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Interview with Joanna Burzec, Senior Management Consultant Platforms at Accenture

You’ve been working in IT consulting in various roles, could you please share with us your career path?
Before joining Accenture, I was working in project management & sales in the medical field. In consulting, I joined the team of Capability Network, Resources. My projects were focused on IT (Microsoft Tools & ERP systems) -related change management strategies development and implementation.

What are the types of projects that you most often work on?
The projects are related to SAP transformation, from different perspectives – usually change management, involving training & communication plans development and helping people to embrace the new ways of working successfully.

You work on many international projects – could you share some tips on working remotely in multicultural environments?
There is always a need to respect the other cultures and different habits, nevertheless never loosing our inner values and rules! There has to be a balance between the two approaches. What helps a lot is a proper distance, emotional intelligence and knowledge of the colleagues backgrounds and responsibilities. It’s always very valuable to talk about people’s expectations, preferences, asking about continuous feedback and sharing the perspectives.

What are the most useful resources from which you learn (books, webinars etc.)?
I never stop learning! I recommend OpenSAP courses, edX, the Economist magazine, Harvard Business Review articles, a lot of business related books and also academic articles. We have multiple internal great learning tools, resources and courses, which I try to use whenever I find time for it.

What would you advise to a person who’d like to follow your steps?
Don’t be scared to try various things! It is essential to round between the different roles and projects in order to get to know our strengths and discover our talents, dream career path. And always ask- request advices from stakeholders around you. What’s more- never ever stop learning. Our knowledge, experience and human – emotional intelligence is our biggest treasure, which will never be replaced by the robotics and AI. Knowledge is at the core of the success in consulting!

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