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Role Model Series: Business Analyst Global
June 26, 2019
Interview with Aleksandra Rowicka, Intelligent Automation Senior Business Analyst at Accenture
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International Career as a Software Developer Global
March 7, 2019
Interview with Ola Trela-Radlak, Software Developer at Capgemini.
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Future of Education – an international perspective Global
February 14, 2019
Interview with Małgorzata Żurowska from HubHub - Hacking Carrots Strategic Partner
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Introduction to Salesforce Global
February 13, 2019
All you wanted to know about working with Salesforce.
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Interview: SKM Legal about law and technology Global
January 7, 2019
It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new Partner SKM Legal. We’ve sat at the beginning of this year to talk about law, technology and their key specializations – fashion law and blockchain.
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Małgorzata Gryz about her career and women in IT Global
October 8, 2018
An interview with Małgorzata Gryz - Chief Operating Officer at Lingaro
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