February 16, 2023

Thank You!

Paula by Paula

The Geek Girls Carrots project was born in 2011 and gained momentum in Poland in 2012, only to proudly make its way onto the international map of tech events that empower women in new technologies in 2013. In 2017, the continuation of this grassroots social project, commonly referred to as “Carrots,” was taken over by the Carrots Foundation, led by its first management board and supported by its first foundation board. This was a big step towards professionalizing and structuring efforts to educate, inspire and motivate “geek girls”. Already knowing our area of activities, we now came to learn how to run a foundation and obtain grant projects. Many valuable lessons, a lot of learning, the formation of a team and development of new programs.

We estimate that we have organized almost a thousand events, with hundreds of mentors, hundreds of partners, and supported about 60 thousand people in Poland and abroad. More than 300 people took part in creating Geek Girls Carrots and the Carrots Foundation. We couldn’t be more grateful! Your work is visible in the careers of many girls and women in IT!

Like any fast-growing and innovative project in its early stages, it was not without its stepbacks, problems, disappointments, and interpersonal difficulties. Please forgive us. Perhaps, it was only due to the vital mission of supporting women in new technologies that we and our community survived many difficult moments. Then, the years marked by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the world’s economic stagnation brought a shakeup to the existing market rules and, above all, uncertainty for all of us. For our team, this meant a transition to crisis mode, with no opportunity to plan, and a sharp shift in focus from “development” to “survival”. This experience proved exhausting for the entire Foundation team. And despite the huge injection of energy, work and optimism from our current president Kasia Marchocka and the involvement of the foundation’s board, we ran out of energy to continue the fight. The tank is empty. On January 30, 2023, we made the decision to suspend the activities of the Carrots Foundation, which from a legal point of view means the liquidation of the Carrots Foundation, the dissolution of the team, and the cessation of operational activities.

All emotions are swirling within us, from sadness, regret, anger, to relief, but in all of this we try to focus on the bigger picture. First of all, we helped, supported, and inspired thousands of people – it was worth any effort. How many people have met, made friends, found a new profession or passion… remains. Secondly, the environment and the number of projects supporting women in technology has grown significantly since 2011, so there are many great organizations and programs that are implementing our shared mission. We wish you good luck! And finally, the number of companies and non-profit organizations actively investing and caring for the percentage of women in their IT is higher. Dear partners, let’s go this way! Thank you for your trust and cooperation, we believe that you will find more good partners in realizing our shared mission!

Today we are closing the existing Carrots Foundation, but we say to ourselves that maybe someday we will come back. New us, new world and new Geek Girls Carrots. Who knows?

See you around!

The President, the Foundation Board and the Founder.

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